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Friedhard Meyer


Curriculum Vitae

1940                   Born in Nuremberg

1959                   GCE A-levels

1960 – 1965     Studies at the Technical University in Munich

1967                   Started painting as a self-taught artist

1971 – 1973     Training as a painter at the College of Further Education in Schweinfurt

since 1974        Study trips to France, Spain, Italy, the US, Israel, Tunisia, India, China

2002                   Designed the citizens‘ medal of the city of Bad Neustadt

since 2005        Freelance artist

since 2006        Member of the European „Colectivo Cillero“ artist group



-- European „Colectivo Cillero“  artist group

-- Art society of Bad Neustadt

– Artist Association of Lower Franconia (VKU)


Public Acquisitions

-- City of Bad Neustadt

-- District of Rhön-Grabfeld

-- District Office of Berlin-Neukölln

-- Siemens AG, Bad Neustadt

-- Cultural circle of Siemens AG, Berlin

-- Bavarian Civil Service Insurances, Munich

-- Savings bank, Bad Neustadt



-- „Aquarellmalerei aus Nordbayern“, Stadtgeschichtliche Museen, Nuremberg

-- „Schöpfungslandschaften“, Eulen Verlag, Freiburg, 1986

-- „Faszination des Aquarells“, arte-factum-Verlag, Nuremberg, 1988

-- „Indirekte Malerei“, Palette Verlagsgesellschaft

    mbH, Coblenz, 2005

-- „Metamorphose durch die Farbe Weiß“, Palette

    Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Coblenz, 2015





Media Coverage

2010 – Hungarian TV: „European

              Panorama” exhibition, Opera Gallery, Budapest

2012 -- 28.Oct. Bavarian TV: “Weiß Blau in

              Bad Neustadt“ with artist portrait of Friedhard  




 2007  --Thuillier Gallery, Paris, France

          -- Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden

          -- Art Innsbruck, Austria

          -- ARTEXPO New York, USA

 2008  -- Art Fair Shanghai, China

 2009 – Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria

 2010 – Artodrome Gallery, Berlin/Beijing

           -- Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

           -- LDX-Gallery, Beijing, China

 2007-2010  Group exhibitions with the European    

                      „Colectivo Cillero“ artist group

                      in: Madrid, Baignes (France),

                     Albacete, Toledo, Hellin (Spain)

 2011 -- Art Fair Taipei,Taiwan with Artodrome Gallery

          -- LDX-Gallery, Beijing, China

          -- „Die Farbe Weiß“, Mellrichstadt District Gallery

 2012 -- Art Palm Beach, Florida

          -- Art Fair Taipei, Taiwan

 2013 -- Art Beijing, China with Artodrome Gallery

          -- Florence Design Week exhibition, Florence, Italy

          -- Biennale of Chianciano, Italy

 2014 – Art Innsbruck, Austria

          -- Gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria

          -- „Die Farbe Weiß“, Kunststation  Kleinsassen

          -- “Ancient Palaces”, Varenna, Italy

          -- „Jenseits der Worte“, Art Society of

             Bad Neustadt   

2015  -- Art Innsbruck, Austria

          -- Bank Schilling, Bad Neustadt

          -- Art Space Gallery, New York

2016  – Galerie M. Beck, Homburg/Saar

          -- Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon

          – ARTMUC, Munich

          – Kunstgalerie KITZ-ART, Kitzbühel, Austria


Prizes and Awards

 2005 – First Prize of the Palm Art Award, Art-Domain 

              Gallery, Leipzig                      

 2006 – Honorary Diploma, SEETAL-Wettbewerb, Kunst-         

               Forum-International, Switzerland

 2007 -- Médaille d´Or, International M.C.A.

               exhibition, Cannes-Azur, France

 2008 – Inclusion in WHO´S WHO in VISUAL ART

              in 2008/2009, 2012/2013, 2014/2015

 2010 -- Diploma of Excellence, Art Now, Artoteque,


 2014 -- Honorable Mention, 8th Art Contest, Artavita

 2015 – Certificate of Excellence,16th Art Contest, Artavita


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